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The following Article discusses an actual event that occurred On Friday, January 21, 2011:   Bill O'Reilly was discussing an important issue which has been largely ignored.  Basically, illegal aliens are attempting to influence our election process.

(on a personal note):
     This might explain why Democrats support Mass Immigration, without limitation.  Their ultimate goal is to install a One-Party government.  Little do they realize that democracy will falter altogether, before letting this happen.
(The Incident Begins:)
However, this pales in comparison the the remarks made by Geraldo Rivera that evening (while he was a guest on the O'Reilly Factor).

 Firstly, Rivera hinted toward the latest argument in favor of massive Immigration.  Foreign workers can supposedly help 'end the recession'.  Yet, immigration is usually considered vital during periods of economic growth.  (Every Legislator promoted increased migration due to a supposed labor-shortage). In any case, IT proves how determined they are.

Additionally, Mr. Rivera stated that newer populations are necessary in order to 'revitalize' a country.   He was repeating a previous statement verbatim, that was originally made by Nancy Pelosi (while she was Speaker of The house: c 2007.)  In other words, they're both using the identical argument which suggests that Americans cannot take care of ourselves. Therefore, foreign workers are necessary to 'save us'.

(Human Rights Violation:)
Yet, this was not the remark which concerns me.  More disturbingly,  Geraldo Rivera basically implied that,
♦♦{We need to bring a "young, newer people"; in order to replace America's aging, dying population}♦♦.   Now, although his exact words varied slightly, the message was clear.  And, the implications are far worse than you'd imagine.

    He believes that people from Latin America should migrate into The United States in order to rejuvenate our aging people.  And that's exactly the same thing as promoting Genocide.  (More or less stating that "his people" should replace our aging inhabits).    

    But, if you're still not convinced; his next remarks proved equally disturbing.   HE compared the need for immigration in America, to the supposed "lack of" immigration in Europe.   Yes, Mr. Rivera supports Massive immigration into Europe, as well.  And, for the same reason.  In fact, he blamed Europe's current problems by stating that not enough immigrants enter these nations.

 (Integrity Suffers, as well:)
     This is a perfect example of Journalism at its worst.   Geraldo's statements are emotionally charged, yet carry no factual validity whatsoever.   In the case of Europe, rapid immigration has deeply weakened every nation.  The once beautiful nation of Sweden was prosperous, safe, and culturally rich.  But within a few short years, Sweden has become overridden with crime, race riots, poverty, and imposing laws.

   ....therefore, What gives Geraldo Rivera the right to make his comments, without first researching?   This seems to be standard practice throughout journalism.  More importantly were the implications of his remarks.  Does he really believe that Europe will suffer, unless they are saved by migrant settlers?  And, even if such were the case, doesn't every nation prefer to remain free, rather than be at the mercy of others?  We all sought inspiration during the mid-1940's, when Mahatma Ghandi freed India from British influence.

(Geraldo also defends huge migrations into Europe, as well:)
     Also note: Rivera included Russia as a country who's suffering due to lack of immigration.  And, even if this was true, why should some Journalist decide that Europe should increase the presence of foreigners?   Yet this is precisely what Journalists are already deciding what's best for America.

    And, this is done using false information, anyhow.  Now, let's respond to Geraldo Rivera's remark which equates necessity for increased migration into Europe.   If their entire continent practices responsible birth giving, this will enable them better living space, and a more affordable cost of living.  Why then do Neo-Progressives feel that others should fill every ounce of space which others strived to create?    In simple terms:  The Latino people believe that all other nations should take their crowded nations.  And continue doing so.  This has been a long-held notion.  It's believed that America can be used as a safety-valve, in order to prevent Latin America from becoming overpopulated.
(A Copy Cat Crime)
     This theory has since changed to state that Latin America should replace our "aging" population.  Once again, this theme has been surfacing throughout the media.  Thus, recycling another derogatory phrase. 

(Ancient history brought into the Argument:)
     Finally, Rivera mentioned how the current animosity from our Southern Border has been raging for 160 years.  So now, it finally surfaces.  But, that's a separate issue altogether.  And, don't ignore historical facts surrounding the Mexican Conflict. At one time, Latin territories once stretched from the Southern tip of Peru, all the way to Louisiana and Florida.  ...But that's an entirely separate issue.

(Finally)  Most Journalists completely distort the facts. Americans and Europeans are not an old-world people.  Rather instead, it's the Migrants who come from regions with backwards ideals.  Their attitudes are less tolerant of others.  Not to mention their old religious beliefs, attitudes toward homosexuals, and Social customs.  Therefore, it's just plain ludicrous to claim that foreigners revitalize an 'old tired' country.  The previous remark seems racist merely because it's being spoken against someone other than Caucasians.  Virtually all insults throughout the media are directed toward One Ethnicity.   Yet, that same media spends alot of time convincing us that otherwise is true.

(NYC Mayor Bloomberg believes that Americans are incapable of Engineering Skills:)

     Some 6 months earlier, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg blamed the recession on lack of immigration.  He sited that major innovations were recently invented by Immigrants.   Examples include Yahoo and Google.  But, after checking his information, these Corporations were only partially founded by immigrants.  And, believe it or not, Google is quite expendable.  If this Search-Engine had never existed, there would've been dozens of others.  And, although it's fine for these individuals to work here; there's no reason to suggest absolute necessity.

     Bloomberg then went on to say that Our country needs them, in order to perform all the Civil Engineering work.   These are skills which are lacked by American students.
     Then, an obvious solution is to focus our classroom studies on these fields.   It's rather interesting how The so-called Liberals pushed for Black History, and Woman's Studies in our schools.  But now, they claim dire need for Skilled workers,  since you've dummied down the American Students.

   Mayor Bloomberg is typical of most public figures. In his eyes, Longstanding American Citizens don't exist. They never say anything good about us. Yet, speak highly with regards to one distinguished group.   The same holds true in all of Europe.   It seems, only Immigrants have Civil Rights.    Nations such as France and Sweden pander to their Muslim groups.  Yet, never give consideration for their own people.

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